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Toyon Mares

 Toyon Ranch believes that a great breeding program begins with great broodmares! 
We are proud of the group of mares we have put together, each with a story and a great future ahead of them.  
Please click on each mare's name for more information on their story, earnings and pedigree. 
Alpha Trashyanicki
Gunnatrashya x Chexanicki
Always A Shiney Chic 
Shine Chic Shine x Always A Dunit by Hollywood Dun It
Always Gotyer Gunsup 
Gunner x Always A Dunit by Hollywood Dun It
Bueno Chexinic x DS Fancy Footwork by Hollywood Dun It

Chex N Whiz ( retired )

Topsail Whiz x Ebony Chex by King Fritz

Chexy In Jewels 

Bueno Chexinic x Hot Hollywood Jewels by Hollywood Dun It

Dun Got It Made 

Colonels Smoking Gun x Custom Made Dunit by Hollywood Dun It


Dun Its Déjà vu 

Hollywood Dun It x Miss Okie Too by Muskeg



A Sparkling Vintage x Wind Her Up Chic by Smart Chic Olena


Gun N For Glory

Colonels Smoking Gun x Dun It For Chex by Hollywood Dun It

I Spook

Smart Spook x Setting off Sparks

Jacs Princess

Jac O Rima x RS Monita Dry Doc



Mifs Doll  ( retired )

Mifillena x Sidewinders Doll by Docs Sidewinder


Miss Brim Star

Smart Starbuck x Bay Brim Hat by Hollywood Return

Miss Lil Addy Tude 

Whizard Jack x Miss Col Otoe by Colonel Four Runner

Smart Spook x Electric Genes by Jacs Electric Spark
Peptoboonsmal x Miss Echo Wood
Setting Off Smart 

Smart Spook x Setting Off Sparks by Shining Spark

Shes All Spark 

Jacs Electric Spark  x Always A Dun It by Hollywood Dun It

She Wants A Prenup

Highbrow Cat x Heres Lookin At You by Peptoboonsmal

Shine up

Shine Chic Shine x Rest up

Slide By Shiner  ( retired )

Shining Spark x Slide A Whey by Oakie Paul Quixote

Smart Shiney Spook 

Smart Spook x Ebony Shines by Shining Spark

Starjac Miss  ( retired )

Hollywood Jax 86 x A Great Star by Great Pine

Stop Like A Dream 

Magnum Chic Dream x Best Stop by Custom Crome

Stop Little Sister 

Magnum Chic Dream x Best Stop by Custom Crome

Vintage Glamour 

A Sparkling Vintage x Starjac Miss

Whiz Out Chex  ( retired )

Topsail Whiz x Penny Chex by Bueno Chex


Xtra Voodoonicki

Shiners Voodoo Dr x Chexanicki

Your Lying Eyes 

Jacs Electric Spark x Best Stop by Custom Crome

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