Toyon Mares

Always A Shiney Chic 
Shine Chic Shine x Always A Dunit by Hollywood Dun It
Chexanicki - LTE $87,314 • PE $385,547
Bueno Chexinic x DS Fancy Footwork by Hollywood Dun It

Chex N Whiz - LTE $16,539 •  PE $120,102

Topsail Whiz x Ebony Chex by King Fritz

Chick Out These Guns 
Colonels Smoking Gun x Dun It By Chick by Hollywood Dun It

Collenas Finest Tafy - LTE $132,987 • PE $13,484

Footworks Finest x Collena Chic Olena by Smart Chic Olena

Dun Got It Made 

Colonels Smoking Gun x Custom Made Dunit by Hollywood Dun It

Dun Gotyer Guns Up - LTE $34,723

Colonels Smoking Gun x Always A Dunit by Hollywood Dun It

Dun It Fri Dee Nite - PE $93,341

Hollywood Dun It x Fri Dee Nite Chick by Docs Fri Dee Bar

Dun Its Déjà vu - LTE $26,285 • PE $247,865

Hollywood Din It x Miss Okie Too by Muskeg

Fresh Squeezed Juice 

Smart Like Juice x Princess In Diamonds by Shining Spark

Icing Required - PE $507,329

Smart Chic Olena x Miss Dual Lena by Dual Pep

Lil Pepto Longlegs 
Peptoboonsmal x Lil Lena Long Legs by Smart Little Lena

Mifs Doll - LTE $25,252 • PE $443,412

Mifillena x Sidewinders Doll by Docs Sidewinder

Miss Brim Star-  LTE $49,926 • PE $87,131

Smart Starbuck x Bay Brim Hat by Hollywood Return

Miss Lil Addy Tude - LTE $112,033 • PE $337,556

Whizard Jack x Miss Col Otoe by Colonel Four Runner

Mizzen Shine - LTE $7,406 • PE $155,857

Shining Spark x Mizzen Topsail by Topsail Cody


Setting Off Smart - LTE $7,987 • PE $38,574

Smart Spook x Setting Off Sparks by Shining Spark

She And Chic Dunit - PE $384,712

Smart Chic Olena x Miss Zany Dun It by Hollywood Dun It

Shiney Bay Hiney - LTE $1,801 • PE $3,414

Shining Spark x Quixote Lena Peppy by Paddys Irish Whiskey

Shine Ann - LTE $64 • PE $220,900

Shining Spark x Miss Smarty Chex by Smart Little Lena

Shine Kimber Shine 
Shine Chic Shine x Gunners Miss Oak by Colonels Smoking Gun

Shiners Yellow Dress -  LTE $5,098 • PE $2,797

Shining Spark x Smartly Dressed by Smart Little Lena

Shines Mega Rose 
Shine Chic Shine x Megas Sugar Baby by Marthas Mega Jac

Slide By Shiner - PE $82,209

Shining Spark x Slide A Whey by Oakie Paul Quixote

Starjac Miss - PE $471,609

Hollywood Jax 86 x A Great Star by Great Pine

Stop Like A Dream - LTE $101,214 • PE $7,743

Magnum Chic Dream x Best Stop by Custom Crome

Stop Little Sister - PE $207,624

Magnum Chic Dream x Best Stop by Custom Crome

Trinitys Guns R Up 
Colonels Smoking Gun x Always A Dunit by Hollywood Dun It

Whiz Out Chex - LTE $27,254 • PE $45,772

Topsail Whiz x Penny Chex by Bueno Chex

Whoa Sparkazanna

Jacs Electric Spark x Miss Whoa Jac by Hollywood Jac 86